If you had to choose a single photograph to represent a loved one what would it be? How would you make this choice, especially if you might never see them again?

When people go missing in war, a sense of urgency overrides this choice. Styrannya is the Ukrainian word for erasure and attrition. This project looks at and responds to what happens when photos representing loved ones go out into the world amid panic and desperation, and are lost in the currents of the social media feed.



Photo: Paul Heartfield, 2018

Born in 1969, William Mokrynski, is a visual artist who has been working with photography since he was a child. Through silver-based explorations and play on narrative, he considers photography’s intrinsic ability to connect us with the time and space presented in an image. In recent work, the anonymous vernacular camera negative is used to investigate interpretations of photographic reality.