A photograph is undeniably something of reality. Whether it be a shadow captured in the making of a photogram or a snapshot taken on a family holiday, the photographic image is of something that was –– Fact. The reality captured is however transformed to something else – something new.

Formed from a matrix of silver grains, ink droplets, or pixels, the image exists with meaning in the minds and imagination of the viewer of a photograph. Each of us will see and interpret the image uniquely –– Fiction. A photograph is simultaneously fact and fiction, and in continuous flux between the two.

I am interested in how traces of our world fixed in an image connects with the cerebral construct of the photographic view. The synthesis of these two elements forms a new reality – a photographic reality that exists in a universe, parallel to our own.

The Hidden Visible

2013 – current

Abstractions in knowledge, lost identity, distant science, nostalgia, and belief

Those Who Hear the Ticking

Uplands, Downlands, Sunlit Meadows... wish you were here

An exploration of the subjectiveness of photo-memory, responding to a political environment nostalgic for fictional, nebulous pasts.

The Children of Mars

Drawn from an archive of discarded negatives of children’s portraiture, surgical interventions complete the loss of identity severing the sitter’s connection with the past, transforming these to portraits of the present and future.


A darkroom collaboration with developer and gravity, reanimate portraits from decades past to a new anonymous population.

Galactic Coordinates

Photographic fact and speculation collide through a found archive of cosmic imagery.

A place that was, and might be

2009 – 2013

Within landscapes that reveal and hide, places that undulate between have been and dreamt, situated in time that will not repeat.

Nylon Chrysalis

Architectural shrouds and scaffold appendages dot the landscapes of European city centres, and invade dreamland.

Coming Soon

Studies of nature under control and placed into order, within formal gardens and glass houses.

Coming Soon

Transits of latent vision

2003 – 2009

Explorations of photographic time, space,  and imaging beyond what we can see.

Corndogs and Candy Apples

Distant memories of annual visits to amusement parks visualised through an assemblage of slow time through a pinhole.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Opera houses, palaces, rocket launch rings - a wonder world stretched through an anamorphic pinhole projection.

Coming Soon


Visualisations of magical encounters of structures within the barren expanse of wilderness realised through impossible vistas formed on infrared film with the rotations of a circuit camera.

Coming Soon

Down in the Park

Coming Soon

Latest Transmissions

Styrannya Nominated for Book Award

Styrannya Nominated for Book Award

My book maquette of “Styrannya” has been nominated for the Star Photobook Dummy Award, a European award that brings photo-book projects to publication. Thank you to Simon Bainbridge, Ex Editorial Director of the British Journal of Photography, for nominating my book....

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The Delicate Thread of Photographic Context

The Delicate Thread of Photographic Context

With the letter A, at the very beginning of David Campany’s excellent lecture ‘Photography and Cinema from A to Z (and back again)’ at UCL here in London the other night, he showed us a still from the 1961 Italian film Accattone. It’s an image of tables at an outdoor...

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Photo: Paul Heartfield, 2018

Born in 1969, William Mokrynski, is a visual artist who has been working with photography for as long as he can remember. He explores photography’s intrinsic ability of connecting our minds with the time and space presented in an image, through silver-based processes and narrative. In his recent work, the anonymous vernacular camera negative is used to investigate interpretations of photographic reality.